Our People

We are a small band of locally trained artisans in West Jakarta, where we gather in a workshop tucked behind a toko kopi. Coming from diverse backgrounds, we push one another to excel in our craft. Each member is a wellspring of knowledge and experience in textile design.

  Ibu Jeanne wears multiple hats in our workshop. While mainly in charge of administration and purchases, she also designs our iconic banner bags and specialises in upcycling jerseys. The former homemaker enjoys dreaming up wacky ideas and experimenting with unusual designs.

  Pak Udin, our master seamster, though only in his 30s, has 16 years of experience working for fashion labels. A natural artist with a keen eye for detail, he enjoys experimenting with textures and colours, be it while drawing or sewing.

  Pak Kusworo is often seen intently bent over a sewing machine. At 60 years old, our senior seamster brings with him a skillset honed over the decades, having sewn for a designer label before joining the Threadapeautic family in late 2014.

  Ibu Fitri is indispensable in our workshop as a fabric cutter and trusty assistant to Pak Udin. Deaf from birth, she skilfully relies on lip-reading and the written word to communicate with her teammates.
She previously worked in a shoe factory, and is a wife and a mother of a young boy. Ibu Fitri is thrilled to make new friends and learn about upcycling at Threadapeutic.

  Ibu Ningsih wanted to return to work after resigning from her previous job as a cashier to take care of her baby. She lives in the vicinity of our workshop, and was recently introduced to Threadapeutic. She is now serving as our product quality controller, learning about our process while on the job.