We Empower

We empower others to be part of the sustainable movement. We share our experiences and expertise in upcycling, textile design, and running a social enterprise through talks and workshops in Southeast Asia. Ibu Hana is a CREATE program’s speaker and workshop facilitator for education department of Bekraf (Badan Kreatif Ekonomi) and has collaborated with Greenpeace Indonesia for MAKE SMTHNG workshops held yearly. Additionally, Ibu Hana served as one of the Business Mentors in the Singapore International Foundation Business Clinic Mentorship programme.

Threadapeutic partners with Ku Ka, a foundation whose mission is to better the lives of the underprivileged, including the refugee community in Indonesia. Part of Ku Ka’s work is to design and run a creative program for the adults, and the Threadapeutic lends a hand in keeping the beneficiaries active and productive through upcyling skill training.  Anyone can be a part of this movement towards a sustainable economy.