• Chariot of Fire

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    The Chariot of Fire is our largest and most ambitious tapestry project to date. This monumental piece is made entirely of locally-sourced textile waste. It was made especially for Maison&Objet Paris 2019.

    Characteristic of all Threadapeutic tapestries, it is the fruit of an unlikely marriage of fabric offcuts from various local sources: high fashion manufacturers, uniform garment factories, and home interior studios. Each offcut, being distinct in colour and texture, is thoughtfully arranged and layered to create this fiery landscape.

    A testament to the teamwork, dedication, and fine craftsmanship of the Threadapeutic team, this massive piece took approximately 1000 hours to complete — triple the amount of time taken for an average tapestry project. Each stage of the process demanded greater meticulousness.

    A delicate balance of distinct elements, The Chariot is an unreplicable composition - unique in depth, strokes and hues.

    Please note:
    The actual tapestry is fitted with a row of ties for easy hanging on rods with varying thickness.